Lunches for the week #31

It was the Hari Raya Haji or Eid-ul Adha last week. A time when Muslims around the world remember the Prophet Abraham’s sacrifice. As part of the 5 pillars of Islam, Muslims of means are encouraged to perform the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, once in their lifetime. At home, we sacrifice lamb/sheep to distribute the […]

Lunches for the week #29

This week, MilkyBar told me that he had a part in his upcoming graduation ceremony’s play. They are doing Jumanji and he was to be the leader of the snakes. So cool! He is so excited and looks forward to his rehearsals. Mon: Meatball and pea pilaf, cherry tomatoes and plum Tues: lunch-out Wed: Cauliflower […]

Lunches for the week #27

The last week of August is here! With Hari Raya, school field trip, class photo sessions and more, its another case of time flying by. This week’s lunches featured a Bugis dish called Bubur Baraboq (Baraboq Porridge). Bugis is a major ethnic group from South Sulawesi, Indonesia. With the majority of the people being Muslims, […]

Lunches for the week #26

Last week, MilkyBar had a school field trip to Pasir Ris Kids’ Kampong. Kampong which is Malay for village, brings to mind carefree days filled with adventure and discovery, without the many restrictions and anxieties faced by modern parents (me included!). Children spent most of their free time outdoors climbing trees, exploring ditches and drains, […]

Lunches for the week #22

This week, we started our Ramadan fasting and so it’s been pretty hectic. MilkyBar was able to half-day fastings to start off. Am so proud of him! Hopefully, he will be able to do full-day fasting on the 3rd week. Monday was also a school holiday ie Youth Day so we headed to Johor Bahru […]