Am back! I haven’t realised that its been awhile since I wrote something here. Lots has been happening, so much so that I haven’t been able to put all my thoughts down. I do apologise for going AWOL.

Anyway, as cliched as this may sound, but time really flies. MilkyBar has graduated from Kindergarten and will be heading off to Primary school next Jan. With all the planning for the holidays (more on that later), birthday celebration planning (more on that too) and preparing for his religious class exams, his regular school work and all, it finally struck me today as I folded his school uniform that he has GRADUATED. He would not be wearing this uniform anymore and that I have to unpacked his school bag. I think I (ok, I admit, I did) tear up abit…. my baby will be off to a whole new journey soon! This poem kind of sums it up for me…

Growing Up Too Fast

You are growing up too too fast.
Mommy can’t believe you are going to primary school.
Just a second ago it seems,
You were in play school,
Those days have quickly passed.
I’m afraid to blink my eyes out of fear
You will be entering JC and then university
And beginning your own family.
I’m so proud of you,
But you are growing up too fast to me.

He had a fun time at his graduation ceremony. The theme was Jumanji and all the kids put up skits and songs related to Nature and Animals. MilkyBar was part of the ‘Tiger’ group and he looked adorable in his tiger costume and makeup. It was a fun and heartwarming day for all the parents. I am appreciative of all his teachers as they have made his first steps into school such a positive and happy one.






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