Lunches for the week #31

IMAG3232It was the Hari Raya Haji or Eid-ul Adha last week. A time when Muslims around the world remember the Prophet Abraham’s sacrifice. As part of the 5 pillars of Islam, Muslims of means are encouraged to perform the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, once in their lifetime. At home, we sacrifice lamb/sheep to distribute the meat to the needy.

MilkyBar was excited to go for the special Eid-ul Adha prayers in the morning and we spent the day at my mum’s place. My sis is back home for a month so we were really happy to meet up with her too.

IMAG3227 I baked a fudgy Chocolatey cake filled with cherries. It got a little damaged though upon arrival at mum’s place but was still gorgeously gooey and chocolatey, with the cherries providing a lovely sweet contrast.


Our delicious spread prepared by mummy dearest. Plus a special menu for her darling MilkyBar – grilled chicken and stirfried vegetables with quail eggs and shrimp. Later in the afternoon, it was tea-time with my chocolate cake and a chocolate and orange marble cake.




This week’s lunches were quick ones as we were feeling pretty stuffed with food.

Thurs: Tuna and sweetcorn burgers with lettuce and olives in pitta bread, honey cherry tomatoes and half a nectarine.

Fri: Salmon sandwich with alfalfa sprouts in pitta bread, cherry tomatoes, golden kiwi.


Tuna and sweetcorn burgers, honey cherry tomatoes, nectarine


Salmon sandwich, cherry tomatoes, kiwi fruit


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