Lunches for the week #30


BBQ time with Aunt R




Potato wedges, drilled corn, chicken cheese dogs, cuttlefish balls and sweet-spicy chicken

A great week that started with a BBQ at my mum’s place to welcome my sis back home and after the school week, it was baking time to make some Hari Raya Haji cookies. Will get to that on my next post.

Mon: Baked fish fillet, edamame and alfalfa sprouts salad, mandarin orange and grape cup

Tues: Vegetable hash with purple cabbage coleslaw, cauliflower fritters, grape cup

Wed: Leftover roast chicken and potato wedges, fruity couscous, grape cup

Thurs: lunch out

Fri: Chicken finger wraps, baked beans, grape cup


Baked fish fillets, edamame beans and alfalfa sprout salad, mandarin orange and grapes


Vegetable hash, purple cabbage coleslaw, cauliflower fritters, grapes


Roasted chicken and potato, fruity couscous, cherry tomatoes, grapes


Chicken finger wraps, baked beans, grapes

Tues’s Vegetable Hash is a tasty and fast way to get veges into a meal. I love that its a great way to use up leftover vegetables that are lying about in the fridge. The important thing is to make sure that the vegetables are about the same size so that they cook evenly.


Quick Vegetable Hash (adapted from Seriously Good! Cooking for Kids)

2 medium potatoes (chopped into cubes)
3 small carrots (chopped into cubes)
1/2 medium head cauliflower (cut into bite-sized florets)
Other vegetables – I like adding sweet potatoes, beetroot, green beans, etc (chopped into cubes/bite-sized pieces)
4 tbsp olive oil1 medium onion (diced)
1 reduced-salt chicken stock cube (I use an organic very low salt vegetable cube from Kallo)
Black pepper

Steam the ‘hard’ vegetables (potatoes, carrots)  in the microwave on High for 3 min til just tender. Steam the ‘softer’ vegetables (green beans, cauliflower) for 2 min. Set aside.

Heat the olive oil in a large frying pan. Add the onion and cook til slightly browned. Add the vegetables and cook til they take a little colour and caramelise. Add the crumbled stock cube, 100ml water and a generous amount of black pepper.
Stir well and cook over high heat, til stock cube dissolves and liquid reduces slightly; making the dish nice and moist but not wet. Serve warm.

For some textural contrast, I often serve the hash with a Purple Cabbage Slaw. It’s really simple to make. Do note, however, that the purple cabbage will turn slightly bitter if cut in advanced. So make it just when you are about to eat.


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