Animal Habitat Game

IMAG3153As part of our Animal Studies, we are learning about Animal Habitats. I found this lovely idea online and decided to make it for MilkyBar. A very simple game but allows for lots of learning opportunities.

I glued two paper folders to make a bigger file and pasted 8 pictures of different habitats. MilkyBar then used the animal flashcards that we got for cheap at the local bookstore.



The first game was a sorting game. MilkyBar sorted the flashcards into their different habitats. Those that he was not sure about, we put aside to read up on or check online.

A second game we could play is to place the cards picture-side down. The player picks a card and has to move like the animal or make the animal sounds before placing the card in the right habitat picture. Definitely more fun with more players so I am saving this for the weekend so that we can play together.




File Folder Fun



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