Lunches for the week #25

This week is the last full week of Ramadan. My Hari Raya cookies are baked and ready. So I am now left with spring cleaning, changing of home furnishings and preparing to cook for our Hari Raya eve meal next week.

This week also marks a special event as it is time to register MilkyBar for his Primary 1 class next year. How time flies! I still remember bringing him for his playgroup session (three times a week). We would leave the house at 8.40 am and walk to the school while I sang songs to cheer him up. And then it was off to Nursery and Kindergarten. He is growing up so fast!  We have to do balloting for our choice of school and will only now the results next’s crossing our collective fingers and toes 🙂

The lunches for this week are fast and simple and are also clear-out-the-fridge meals as I need to make space for the groceries and other food stuff for Hari Raya. I also forgot to take pictures of 2 of the lunches! What a week its been….

Mon: Steamed chicken pao, cherry tomatoes, edamame beans and mandarin orange segments

Tues: no pix

Wed: Fried rice with anchovies and egg, mixed corn and carrot salad, baked chicken nuggets, and a piece of Top chocolate

Thurs: Tuna pesto pasta, cherry tomatoes and a cookie from his friend’s birthday party

Fri: no pix


Chicken pao, cherry tomatoes, edamame beans, mandarin orange


Fried rice with anchovies, carrot and baby corn salad, chicken nuggets, chocolate


Tuna pesto pasta, cherry tomatoes, iced cookie

Just a day after Hari Raya (8 Aug), it will be SIngapore’s National Day (9 Aug) so its a double-celebration week. Am working on a Singapore lapbook for MilkyBar and I hope to get it done by the end of next week. Busy busy times indeed 🙂


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