Lunches for the week #24

IMAG2940I’m back! I do apologise for the delayed post. This was meant for last week but I simply did not have the time or energy to complete the post. Its the last 10 days of Ramadan so its busy busy busy trying to get everything done on time. Baking cookies, spring-cleaning on top of the usual cooking and regular chores. This year, I decided to make 4 varieties of cookies or kuih as they called in Malay. I will update in the next post 🙂

This week’s  Last week’s lunches were simple and without much decoration, I am afraid. Will get back to our usual routine after the Eid.

Mon: Homemade baked chicken nuggets, baked beans, steamed broccoli and a nectarine

Tues: Fried yellow noodles with fishballs, softboiled quail egg, baked potato chips and a grape cup

Wed: Homemade beef burger, steamed broccoli, cherry tomatoes and half of a a carrot cake (from CBTL)

Thurs: lunch-out

Fri: Baked fish and vege nuggets, baked fries, baked beans, steamed broccoli and cherry tomatoes


Chicken nuggets, baked beans, broccoli and nectarine


Fried egg noodles, softboiled quail egg, potato chips, grapes


Cheeseburger, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, carrot cake


Fish and vege nuggets, fries, baked beans, broccoli, cherry tomatoes

PS. The picture right at the top is of MilkyBar being a little helper. He was helping his dad paint the front door. If it was left up to him, our door would have been turquoise or aqua (he picked the colours from the paint catalogue) 🙂


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