Hazy Holidays!

Hi there! Its been the June holidays and so far, its been a busy one. We had a lovely getaway to Phuket and visited the Mega Bugs Return! exhibition at the Science Centre (will post more about this next). We had actually planned to go to the zoo but unfortunately, this week we were struck by haze again, courtesy of our neighbour Indonesia. This time around the haze reached fairly alarming levels with an all-time PSI reading of 321. So we’ve been staying indoors with the windows closed and air purifier turned on all day.

So how did we pass the time? And ensure that MilkyBar does not spend all day playing games on his laptop?

Well, we did crafts, had a fun ‘Movie Time’, made our own treats, did some of our Elephant Mammal studies and read our lot of library books. This week we started reading Tom Sawyer and one of my (many) childhood favs Nate the Great.


Enjoying the Mango Jelly Popsicle that we made together.. simple and without added sugar. Yum!


Made an Elmer the Elephant craft



Our completed Elmer!

For our movie treat, we watched Despicable Me and had a homemade snack mix and a drink from his Superhero Cookbook called Zam! Pow! Punch. Ever since he saw the recipe, he had been bugging me to make it for him. As it is made with fizzy lemon/lime drink i.e Sprite, this is a real first for him as he has never had a soft drink. However, after finishing his drink, he told me he prefers his Ribena instead *lol*





Just a simple mix of Goldfish crackers, dried fruits and unsalted nuts

I really hope that the haze clears off soon so that we can get back to our normal routine. How are the other mummies coping with the haze? Do let me know ๐Ÿ™‚


2 thoughts on “Hazy Holidays!

  1. Great indoor activities! So glad the haze is better. When the children were indoors they were pretty busy with their Tomica cars and Hot Wheels cars and basically messed up the house, haha.

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