Lunches for the week #20

It’s the last week of school before the mid year holidays! This week went by in a flash. MilkyBar had 4 full days of school before his Meet-The-Parents session on Friday. Then a busy weekend before we fly off to Phuket next week 🙂 So looking forward to it.

We were so heartened to hear that MilkyBar is doing well in school. His academic progress is going good and he has also shown improvement in his social development. We had some feedback from his teacher earlier this year that he was unwilling to share with his friends but with encouragement, he now shares and even volunteers to help out his friends. The only ‘negative’ feedback we got is that he tends to physically grab his friends while trying to get their attention and that he has some difficulty when trying to solve conflict with his friends. Definitely an area that we will look at.

Okay, so now that its the holidays, we are going for a 4 day trip to Phuket. We went there last year and MilkyBar enjoyed himself so much that we decided to re-visit the place. As I am always looking for learning moments, I got MilkyBar to write his own list of things to pack for the trip. As you can see, his toys ranked first (haha!). For items that he could not spell, he drew pictures and we worked on the spelling together. This really got him charged up for the trip!


Mon: Rice with grilled honey lemon chicken drumlettes, quail eggs, edamame beans, and pear and plum fruit cup

Tues: Minestrone soup with macaroni, potato patties, and grape fruit cup

Wed: Chicken tomato noodles with sesame seeds, cherry tomatoes, and mango jelly and pear fruit cup

Thurs: Scrambled egg wrap with sprouts, baby carrot and corn salad, and kiwi fruit cup


Rice, honey lemon chicken, quail eggs, edamame, pear and plum cup


Minestrone soup, macaroni, potato patties, black grapes


Chicken tomato noodles, cherry tomatoes, pear, mango jelly


Scrambled egg wrap, carrot and corn salad, kiwi

  Hope all of you have a great start to the holidays!


2 thoughts on “Lunches for the week #20

  1. Such a good idea to make him write his own packing list, i should have done that with my Z1 too! Thanks for the great tip! Enjoy your holidays!

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