Leo Lionni Week

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One of the earliest books that I read to MilkyBar was ‘Let’s Make Rabbits’ by Leo Lionni and it still remains one of his fav books to read, along with ‘A Busy Year’. Lionni’s birthday was on 5 May so we decided to have a week-long celebration.

We started by learning more about who Leo Lionni was, and watching some story videos online. I wanted to focus more on Lionni’s wonderful artwork so we made 2 collages based on Fish is Fish and A Busy Year, as well as some other simple activity sheets. Apart from the art, we also talked more about the ‘moral’ of Lionni’s stories. Ideas about being comfortable with one’s self, friendship despite personal differences, the power of one’s imagination and about the environment around us.

The books we used were:

  • Let’s Make Rabbits
  • A Busy Year
  • Frederick
  • Swimmy
  • Fish is Fish
  • A Color of his Own
  • Pezzettino
  • Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse


Other Resources were from here:



MilkyBar has always been a little reluctant when it comes to doing art so I was surprised when he had lots of fun making the collages šŸ™‚ All in all, a fun theme and one that I will add on for next year.


Fish is Fish activity: Fish and Frog Collage



Pezzettino activity: I Am Special



A Busy Year activity: Fall Season Collage





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