Lunches for the week #15


I can’t believe it’s near the end of April already! And that a quarter of the year is nearly over!

This week, we celebrated Earth Day and started a plant and recycling project at home. We also had a teachable moment on the weekend as there was a canned food charity drive going on and I wanted MilkyBar to be involved in it as well. First, I marked out the date on his calendar and explained to him what the charity drive was about and why it was important. He was excited about it and helped to pick out the canned food items that we bought from our local super market. On the day itself, we went over to the collection centre where he got to observe how the volunteers worked. A lady volunteer took the time to explain to him what they were doing, why and how they were going to distribute the food. It was great opportunity to teach MilkyBar about being charitable, compassionate and civic-minded.

Mon: Earth Day lunch – Green Shepards’ Pie, cherry tomato and edamame, and sliced apple

Tues: Salad Nicoise (quail eggs, potato, tuna, cherry tomato and black olives), steamed corn and Ribena konnyaku jelly

Wed: Grilled chicken drumlettes, stirfried vege noodles, cherry tomato and cucumber flowers, and mandarin orange segments

Thurs: lunch out

Fri: Deconstructed sandwich (bread, hardboiled egg, Babybel swiss cheese), edamame and cherry tomato salad


Earth Day lunch: Green Shephards Pie


Earth Day lunch: Edamame and cherry tomato, sliced apple


Salad Nicoise with quail eggs, steamed corn and Ribena konnyaku jelly


Grilled chicken drumlettes, stir-fried vege noodles, cherry tomato and cucumber flowers, mandarin orange


Bread, Babybel swiss cheese, hardboiled egg, edamame and cherry tomato salad

This week, we tried edamame which is actually immature soybeans. They were delicious! Lightly salted and sweet at the same time. The beans are going to be a mainstay in my freezer. I also made Ribena konnyaku jelly. MilkyBar has been bugging me to make these for awhile now ever since we got a Ribena recipe leaflet from a promoter at the supermarket. I reduced the quantity as I didn’t want to use up the whole pack of konnyaku. These turned out beautifully!

Ribena Konnyaku Jelly (makes about 8 pieces)

62.5 gm konnyaku jelly
237.5 ml water
75ml Ribena syrup

Heat the water in a saucepan. Whisk in the jelly making sure that no lumps form. Keep whisking til mixture boils. Remove from heat and wait for the bubbles to dissipate. Stir in the Ribena syrup and pour into moulds. Leave to cool in the fridge til set.

Tip: To remove the jellies from the mould, use a small toothpick and run it along the edges of the mould. It would help slide the jelly out of the mould cleanly.

The next time I make this, I intend to add in some finely chopped fruit, aloe vera cubes or nata de coco cubes. Lovely!




5 thoughts on “Lunches for the week #15

  1. Love your Earth Day bento! And the konnyaku jelly looks great. I used to make it very often too cos the kids love it and it is so simple to make.

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