Learning about Earth Day!


Monday was Earth Day and we were super excited to learn more about our planet and how we can take better care of it. We started off the day with some fun Earth Day printables that I had gotten from Education.com (note: We used recycled paper and printed on both sides.) We also did our Green Network workbook that was part of a set that I had gotten awhile back.

Throughout the activities, we talked about:

~ why it was important to take care of the Earth (included our Animal and Plant topics as well),
~ how we can do so; this then included discussion on conservation of environment and resources, minimising waste and recycling efforts,
~ what would happen if we didn’t make these efforts,
~ we then planned on some simple things that we could do on a daily basis and listed them down as a reminder.



When he got back from school, we planted some tomato sprouts together and he was made official ‘plant caretaker’. He was excited and looked forward to watering and caring for his plant pot.



Next, lunch time! And its an Earth themed one…. Green Shephard’s Pie (made with mashed green peas and potatoes) with ‘Earth’ spelt with food picks, ‘plant pot’ cherry tomatoes and edamame beans, and sliced apples. Here, I also pointed out how his lunchboxes had no/minimal wastage and then everything was re-usable.



We then had a bit of a rest and in the evening, we did some recycled paper craft. Basically, tearing up magazine pages and modge-podging onto an old plastic plate, to make a planet Earth. Not only did we recycle but MilkyBar also practiced his fine motor skills. I first, marked out the land and sea lines before MilkyBar started pasting in the bits of paper. We used shades of blue (for the sea) and green, brown and orange/yellow (for the land), making sure to stay within the boundaries. I then brushed over a final layer of glue and when it was dry, used a black marker for the details.






And finally, we did some recycling. I had been gathering some waste that we could recycle and after a discussion on what and how some of the materials were recycled, MilkyBar sorted them out into piles (ie Paper, Plastic, Metal and Glass). We also did some research on how to dispose off batteries and whether we could recycle them. Unfortunately, here in Singapore, there is no facility to recycle batteries separately. The reason being that the alkaline batteries sold here are of a low mercury level so was safe to dispose with regular garbage. When MilkyBar learnt this, he said that he would play with his toys that used batteries less often πŸ™‚





So that was our first Earth Day-themed lesson. It was lots of fun and MilkyBar really enjoyed himself and I liked it as we learnt alot too. Definitely, looking forward to next year’s Earth Day. In the meantime, we will continue with our list of things that we can do.



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