Lunches for the week #14

IMAG2295  IMAG2297


It’s been abit of a bummer week as Mr Hubby was away for a business trip and I fell ill, so there were only 2 lunches made at home. But we did managed to get in some fun going out to the park and having a much needed ice cream treat. We also came across a New Zealand food fair held at Vivocity and I was so tempted by the loads of yummy stuff there. I did control myself and got some organic noodles with added vegetables (I got beetroot, carrot and spirulina), a couple of boxes of Mother Earth‘s Fruit Sticks and a Bell for Kids‘ tea! MilkyBar was so happy as he always wanted to drink my tea. Its actually a decaffeinated fruit tea. We chose strawberry and when we tried it, it smelt wonderful and fresh without any weird aftertaste. Lovely!

Mon – Wed: takeaways

Thurs: Fish fingers with baked garlic-herb potato wedges, purple coleslaw with carrots and raisins, orange jelly and edible Dora icing.

Fri: Stirfried beetroot noodle with shrimps and veggies, carrot flowers, mandarin orange segments and mango jelly





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