Lunches for the week #13

This week was a full 5-day school lunch week. We did some 100 Days of School activities and had loads of fun with it. Some of the lunches were inspired from a new book that I got from the library last week Yum-Yum Bento Box: Fresh Recipes for Adorable Lunches. Written by Crystal Watanabe and Maki Ogawa, authors of the blogs Adventures in Bentomaking and Cute Obento, respectively.

The book is so cute and offers easy ideas on how to make charaben/kyaraben. I’m not really into making characters but after reading the tips and techniques that were given in the book, I think I’ll try some components once in awhile. This week’s potato and chicken balls and stir-fried spaghetti were adapted from the recipes in the book. They were simple and yummy!

Mon: Rice with Potato and chicken balls, snowpeas and baby radishes, alfalfa sprouts and red coral lettuce, and applesauce cup

Tues: Tuna and sprouts wrap, steamed corn and baby carrot hearts, and caramel pudding

Wed: leftover stir-fried rice noodles with seafood, potato and chicken balls, baby carrots and snow peas, and black grapes cup *MilkyBar loved the potato balls from Mon’s lunch so made a 2nd batch.

Thurs: Fish fingers, mashed garlic potatoes scoops, alfalfa sprouts and mixed vege salad, and watermelon cup

Fri: Stir-fried spaghetti with tiny shrimps and veges, coral lettuce, baby radish and carrot salad, and black grapes cup


Rice with potato and chicken balls, red coral lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, snow peas and baby radishes


Tuna and sprouts wrap, steamed corn, baby carrot hearts and caramel pudding


Stirfried rice noodles with seafood, potato and chicken balls, snow peas and baby carrots, black grapes


Fish fingers, mashed garlic potatoes, alfalfa and mixed vege salad


Stirfried spaghetti with tiny shrimp and veges, baby radish and carrot salad, black grapes

This week, we tried baby radishes which I bought from a local gourmet supermarket. I’m not a fan of radishes but I had tried these tiny ones and found them delicious. Right now, we are eating them raw – just sliced and mixed into a salad. But will definitely try cooking with them too…maybe something from here.

Potato and Chicken Balls

2 medium-sized potatoes (peeled, steamed and mashed)
150g minced chicken
2 tsp finely diced onion
50g mixed frozen vege (peas, carrots and corn)-thawed
Salt and black pepper

Mix the mince and onion with the mashed potatoes. Season and add the mixed vege. Form into balls (about walnut-sized).

Heat enough oil to come up halfway of the balls. Once the oil is hot enough, fry the balls til golden-brown. Drain on kitchen paper and serve.

Shrimp Spaghetti with Veggies (adapted from Yum-Yum Bento Box)

1 1/2 oz spaghetti (boiled according to package instructions)
Veges: Button mushrooms, peas, carrots and corn (You can also use green beans, broccoli florets, snow peas. Just ensure that the veggies are about the same size)
4 shrimps (I used really tiny shrimps so adjust accordingly)
a few tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
2 tbsp tomato sauce/ketchup/pasta sauce (I used canned tomato sauce)
1 tbsp thick sweet soy sauce

Warm oil in a pan. Add the shrimps, tomato sauce and soy sauce. Saute and when shrimps are nearly done, add the vegetables. Continue stirring and then add in the spaghetti. Mix well. Serve hot or at room temperature.


In other news šŸ™‚ I am so inspired by this felt board craft that I had to go out and get the materials from Daiso this weekend. Such a wonderful project to do with MilkyBar. I will update once completed. Have a great weekend everyone!IMAG2286


5 thoughts on “Lunches for the week #13

    • I got them from the NTUC finest…the gourmet type.Has lots of different foods/veggies/cheeses…I usually go to the one at Clementi Mall. Next am going to get fennel and parsnips, saw them on my last trip there.

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