100 Days of Kindergarten

This week, I thought we’d do a fun activity to celebrate MilkyBar’s 100 Days in Kindergarten. I got the ideas from TipJunkie’s 75 Clever Ideas for 100 Days of School.

I love this site as it has loads of printables and ideas. So from the many wonderful ideas, we picked a few…

100th day crown:




10 colour sorting and garland-making:


We had 10 strips of 10 colours. First, he had to sort them into piles.


Next, we looped them to make garlands.



We then had some simple Maths 10×10 = 100


And finally, we put them up as decorations.

100 day certificate:


100 day breakfast:


Some O-shaped cereal, a cookie, a peanut butter sandwich with a crown-shaped cheese decorated with silver balls and blue writing icing.

100 day printable activities:IMAG2258

It was a fun day and a nice mini-celebration for MilkyBar to mark the school year. I will definitely add on more activities when he goes to primary school.


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