Rainy Day activity – Basket weaving

During our trip to a booksale, I found this basket weaving set made from craft foam. A fun rainy day activity. MilkyBar was really excited and it was a great project for him to practise his fine motor skills as well as his patience.



Made from craft foam


The instructions are hilarious and are of no help whatsoever 🙂


Step 1: Insert the red vertical strips into the base to create the form of the basket



Step 2: Weave the blue strips to form the basket


Step 3: Decorate the handle with the stickers provided


Step 4: Using the plastic needle, we did some threading to tidy the top part of the basket and to attach the handle


All done!

Note: Please excuse the bare-bodied basket weaver 🙂 He claimed that he was feeling hot!


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