How We Celebrate Dr Seuss’ birthday – 1

MilkyBar wasn’t feeling too well today, so we started our Dr Seuss’s birthday fun at a slower pace. We had our  ‘Cat in the Hat‘ and ‘Green Eggs and Ham‘-inspired lunch while watching both movies online. We then read ‘I can lick 30 tigers’ and ‘The Cat in the Hat’ books together before his nap. In the evening, we did our ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ floor puzzle that we got from our local bookstore awhile ago before having our ‘Oh! The Place You can Go’, ‘Fox in Socks’ and The Lorax’-themed tea. I didnt have much time to prepare for these as we had just settled the house project so am looking forward to doing more reading, craft activities and activity sheets over the weekend. Stay tuned for those!


Green Eggs and Ham – Toast circles topped with pepperoni and a sunny side-up quail egg with green-coloured mayonnaise), Cat in the Hat – Goldfish crackers, Cheese and Cherry tomatoes skewers (for the Cat’s Hat), Blue-frosted banana cake circles (to represent Thing 1 and 2), Pink Ink drink (Honey-Lemon water with pink colouring)


The books and floor puzzle that we are using


The Lorax (Strawberry wafers tied with ribbon to represent the trees), Oh! The Places you can go (Coloured mini marshmallows to represent the colours found in the book), Fox in Socks (Blueberry jelly to represent the Blue Goo)


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