Home Painting Project – Part 1

This week we’ve been busy with our home painting project. Now I am all for DIY home projects but as we live in a 5-room HDB apartment, I am not going to DIY this. So we hired professional painters to do the job and all we have concentrate on is the packing and moving things, and of course, the CLEANING!

Saying Goodbye to Old Friends

I’m abit of clean-freak so I happily welcome the opportunity to clean those areas that I normally don’t get to do such behind wardrobes, etc. I also decided to do a culling of my book collection. This is incredibly hard for me to do but I realise that some of the books are in bad condition, out-of-date or I have not read them in a loooonnnngg time so it is definitely better for me to donate/give away/dispose them.

house project #3

The “For Donation’ pile

house project #4

‘The Complete Illustrated Stories from the Brothers Grimm’ – a gift from my mum on my 12th birthday


‘The Story Time book’ – 1964 ed., ‘The Magic Brush and other stories’ – the first book I ever bought on my own – 1985 ed.

On the bright side, I also realised that MilkyBar is now ready for some of my childrens’ books so I have taken them out of storage and will be adding them to his bookshelf. They are mainly Enid Blyton books (I have lots of them), fairytales, classic childrens’ books such as the Railway Children and Alice in Wonderland. Am so excited to start sharing them with him! I really hope that he will enjoy them as much I did and that he will have fond memories of reading these stories as I have. That is a major part of why I  rarely throw my books away, in particular childrens’ books, preferring instead to give them away. I always hope that there is a little person out there enjoying these books and having lots of fun imagining themselves into the stories.

house project #1

The ‘To Keep’ piles

house project #2

All cleaned and ready


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