Why I Can’t Stop Shopping at Daiso

Today was a rare day-out by myself as Mr Hubby was on leave and was able to look after MilkyBar for the afternoon. Decided to get a massage and go window-shopping at a mall and then remembered looking at this pix from We Should Be Folding Laundry. So off to Daiso, I went. Now Daiso is a Japanese chain store that sells their goods for $2 regardless of size, etc. So after picking up some extra food picks, a larger-sized silicon cup, a cute set of 8 small forks and spoons, a pack of silicon food dividers and a sectioned box to store all of my bento accessories in… do you like? 🙂

My organised bento accessories

My organised bento accessories


8 thoughts on “Why I Can’t Stop Shopping at Daiso

  1. I love Daiso too! I only get to one about 3 times per year, but I pick up lots of bento goodies while I’m there. My students also love the Kawaii stickers, so I pick up a few sheets of those too.

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