Baby Crib turned Homework Table

IMAG1942I am really sentimental about MilkyBar’s things – be it clothes, baby books and even his baby toys. I am particularly attached to his crib as it was the first baby furniture/item that we had gotten. So when he moved out from his crib to a big boy bed, I was feeling a little sad. Hubby had pushed the crib to our spare bedroom to be dismantled at a later date but this is probably the only chore I did not rush him to do.

I was so happy when 2 months later (yes, that’s how long we left the crib in the room), I came across an article on repurposing a crib to make a table. Serendipity! We were thinking of getting a study table for him and this really answered our prayers. So we soon got ourselves to IKEA (the land of DIY home deco) and after hubby got his wood supplies, we went home and started work. And voila! MilkyBar now has a homework station with plenty of space, all his art/writing supplies in 1 place and organised. I like that hubby did not have to do any real permanent changes to the crib so technically, we could still change it back into the crib if need be. We also re-used 1 of the siding that came with the crib to make a kind of shelf. And as the crib is on wheels, the table to totally mobile so we can move around when we need to. So here’s how it went…

Adjusting the crib height to highest level

Adjusting the crib height to highest level

Little helper – securing the brackets to the wood boards

Attaching the wood board to the mattress slates

Little helper making his own ‘adjustments’

Table ready – now over to me for the embellishments


Tied binder clips for his calendar (left), tied 2 bins to hold extra stationary (middle), added woven trays to hold the art /writing supplies, used the siding that came with the crib as a kind of book shelf

Used a suction hook to hold a white magnetic board

Blu-tacked a lightweight message board to the outer side of the table for his daily timetable


Pretty much done – will be adding some extras to his chair and to the white magazine holders later

Do look at here and here for where we got this idea from. Really nice work!


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