Lesson Plan – Living & Non-living Things

I’ve always been interested in Childhood Education/Development and have been working with MilkyBar on his home lessons since he was in K1 (Kindergarten 1) last year. On top of his regular classes, we do lots of projects, reading and exercises on these subjects – English (incl Reading, Writing, Phonics, etc), Maths, Science, Malay & Arabic (to a lesser extent).

Last year, for Science subjects, we did the Five Senses and Our Body, and the Four Seasons and the Plant Kingdom. We usually go to the library to pick out related books and then work on worksheets, activities and projects to reinforce learning.

For this year, I intend to cover the Animal Kingdom, the Solar System, and a little physics (Float/Sink, etc.). I realised halfway through our Plants lessons that I had forgotten to include a lesson on Living and Non-living things, so we are starting with this.

Our introduction was done by reading the book ‘Living and Non-living Things‘ by Kelli Hicks and we used our science book for worksheets and extra reading. I also created a worksheet ‘What can you find?’ that allowed him to run around the house abit (gets him to refocus after sitting still for awhile) to look for 3 things each that are Living and Non-Living and to draw them onto the worksheet.

Other resources I used:

Living or Not Living? A Printable Book

Living or Nonliving Things (video) and Living and Non-Living Things K.6 (video).


Our projects are to make a Living and Non-Living Thing board and a Scrapbook (more on that later).

Using recycled paper and a posterboard from his Lego-themed birthday party last month, we created a Living and Non-Living Thing board that helped enforce the idea of what makes a Living Thing.

I printed out labels and cut out pictures from a magazine. MilkyBar then had to sort them out and put them under the right headings. We had fun and he was so proud of his work. He even did an impromptu ‘presentation’ to his dad after work. This is a really simple project to do – just use a large enough sheet of paper/poster board, etc and get sticking!

Printed labels

Printed labels – some of the pictures are those that I had cut out from an old Alphabet chart

Recycled board

Recycled board

Project board 4

Project board 5

Project board 3

Project done!

Project done!


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