Baking Monday: Milk Bread for MilkyBar

All ready and sliced

All ready and sliced

I’ve done it!! As part of my 2013 resolution, I ‘ve finally made my own bread.

For several (now unfounded) reasons, I’ve stayed away from making bread. Now I wished I’ve started earlier. My mum makes great bread and she was the one who encouraged me to try. She even gave me her precious bread book which she got during a library booksale some years ago.

The Ultimate Bread book by Eric Treuille and Ursula Ferrigno is a really good book for beginners. It has clear and very detailed instructions and pictures on every aspect of breadmaking – from mixing to proving to baking, glazes and toppings. There are recipes from all over the world. The book also covers common problems to look out for and offers solutions to remedy them.

For my first try, I picked the Victorian Milk Bread as I wanted something that was simple in taste. And this recipe really hit the spot. It was a fresh, slightly sweet, soft bread that we sliced and ate for breakfast with jam and Nutella.


Recipe page

I’m not posting the recipe as I do not feel that I can cover all the details in bread-making as yet. Hopefully, when I get more confident I will post simple recipes. For now, I’m just posting the pictures and a rough idea of the entire process.


Main ingredients – bread flour and yeast

Dough ready for its first rising

Dough ready for its 2nd rising


Finally shaped and awaiting its last proving


Glazed with an egg and milk wash


Bake til golden brown and crusty


Freshly out of the oven


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