New Beginnings

With the start of the new school year, I have been busy creating MilkyBar’s new timetable and his lesson plans for homeschool. This year he will be going for extra classes for Maths as well as Madrasah class on Sat mornings so he’s going to be one busy fella 🙂

With these classes, it will help me to focus on fewer subjects compared to last year. It will mainly be English (incl writing, grammar, vocabulary, phonics, reading), Science, Geography and Social Studies with Maths practice.

As for me, I’m looking to be more healthier and take up online classes related to childhood development. On the cooking front, I am going to get rid of my bread-making phobia and also learn to make traditional Malay cakes or kuihs. My mum makes lovely Malay kuihs and I hope to learn as much as I can from her.

If you need free printable calendars, do go on to the links below. I use them in the kitchen and for MilkyBar’s schedule. They are so lovely that I want to print all of them 🙂


10 Best Free 2013 Calendars and 10 More Fabulous, Free Calendars for 2013


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